The Importance of Psychosocial Development in War-Torn Regions

How Psychosocial Development in Afghanistan Heals War Torn Communities

Yesterday my sis and I were talking about the different adverse impacts of war. A lot of times, the main focus in the news, etc. is on the loss of human life and the somewhat abstract concepts to those of us living in developed countries of “regime changes”, e.g. “the politics”.  Almost never is there a widespread discussion around the mental health of survivors or the aid workers who go in to clean up the mess (or the environmental impact, which I also find important). Yet many are finding there is an urgent need for psychosocial development.

I remembered a TED video I watched in my Positive Psychology class featuring Jungian analyst Inge Missmahl. She traveled to Afghanistan and saw the inner wounds of war on the faces and in the body language of the people.  Despair, trauma and depression were epidemic.

What made her care to take action was learning that despite over 30 million people in the country, there were only approximately 24 psychologists. In this TED video Missmahl talks about her work helping to build the country’s system of psychosocial counseling. In so doing, some speculate, she has done a significant service of promoting both individual and, perhaps, national healing in Afghanistan.

Inge Missmahl brings peace to the minds of Afghanistan through psychosocial development objectives.


Sweet New App Creates Digital Business Model Canvas

Score of the Day: ‘Strategyzer’ App

The need to create a business model canvas app has been tasked to yours truly. At least our team has established doing the canvas over a business plan. Doesn’t the idea of writing a plan for a business just bore you to tears? A newly minted MBA shouldn’t be saying that I know. I’m only being honest.

When I was still in the program, our class received a PDF file of the business model canvas (about a year ago). You know, like where I could print the paper out and write in my canvas notes.

Uh, no.

That might work for some people and/or teams. Pas moi, mon cherie.

These days, before I do “grunt” work of any type I stop and first ponder “Is there not already be an app that just does that?”

People talk about me being so “tech savvy”. Maybe it’s because I love tech, or maybe because I’m lazy and I’ve already done a lot of chopping wood and carrying water in my day… more likely a combo of the two.

Today I’m pretty stoked about something I found in that beautiful space that is the world wide web. It’s called Strategyzer, an “app that does that”. And then some. Score.

If you happen to be working on developing a business model and you would rather do it digitally, use this tool. Don’t worry if you need the business model canvas explained, there are helpful tutorials all around the app, making your work and learning fast and efficient.

Create Business Model Canvas Charts On The Fly

Strategyzer allows you to quickly map your current business model worksheet online and you can even work with team members in real-time. Yes!

There you have it! I recommend all entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, businesswomen, businessmen, MBA students and graduates go and check ’em out – business model canvas app:

business model canvas

I’m excited because I love it when my practice of having an empty mind ends up delivering me with exactly what I need when I need it.

This is the gist of the practice:

  1. Firstly, do not carry information around in head if can be helped. Pursuit is for Quiet Mind, not noisy mind filled with “information”.
  2. Secondly, use the internet to brainstorm research (e.g. hunt around on Google) until what you’re looking for is found.